California Fantasy 5 Lottery Game – What Exactly Are the Likelihood of Winning the Jackpot?


Lottery people at the nation of California realize that winning the jackpots in games such as Super Millions or SuperLotto Plus is extremely hard. That is due to the likelihood of winning will be bad. Luckily, California Lottery delivers a match that has relatively excellent probability of winning plus it is named Fantasy 5.

Fantasy 5 is still a casino game that costs $1 to perform draws every day. To get the jackpot you need to match 5 out of a total of 3 9 amounts. The likelihood of matching all five numbers with one particular ticket played are around 1-in-575,000. Compare that into SuperLotto additionally, at which the odds of successful on one ticket are about 1-in-41-million, or Mega Millions, at which the likelihood of winning one ticket will be approximately 1-in-175-million, and you can see the way the probability is a whole lot more on your favor paito warna sdy.

Consider this If you purchase just one Mega Millions ticket and just one Fantasy 5 ticket, you’re 304 times more likely to triumph the Fantasy 5 ticket. Insane, is not it?

Obviously, with much better odds of successful, the more Fantasy 5 match also has smaller prizes. The jackpot begins at $50,000 and grows if nobody wins it. You won’t ev see the jackpot hit more than half of a million bucks. Do not get me wrong, though, $50,000 has been plenty of income and it’s far superior to have a superior likelihood of winning more than an awful likelihood of winning millions of dollars. Winning something is always better than winning nothing.

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