Playing Smart Poker – Tips to Help You Improve


Are you looking into playing poker? Have you just started and need a little more advice? Here are three tips to help you make some money the next time you are at the tables.

With Never Gamble, you can’t afford to lose money. Many people think they can take $ 50 and turn that into next month’s rent – bad idea. If you are already strapped for cash and trying to make money, then trying to gamble with it is not a good idea. Unless you are an extremely skilled poker player bandarqq, I would advise against it. And even if you are better than average, you could just have a bad run of cards. In addition, you have a different mindset with playing end-up, what I mean is that your decisions in a live game will be influenced by the fact that you have NEED to make some money and the right play. in the back of your mind. When you need to raise and when you need to raise, you are worried that you will lose your hand and all your money.

Position is key. The closer you get to the button, the looser calls you can make. If you are in an early position, you have a little tighter to play, unless you know that the table is pretty much a calling station. The closer you get to the button, the better the looser calls and the more you can make your decisions before you act.

Pay Attention. These are the tables that most people will tell you are losing. I had a friend that I would go to the casinos with to play limit hold ’em. We went to college in the southwest where casinos were legal on the reservation. He would always get cleaned out because there were always regulars at the table that would make their money off tourists driving through town or recreational players. Well he would always just play and pay attention to his cards and you could read right through him. He never paid attention to what other people were doing. He would call when he had an alright hand and I picked someone up on the table. The other guy would always raise when he just called and would get to him. Watching after I wanted to scream this. After the session he asked for some advice. I told him, “My only advice is to pay attention to what everyone else is doing. Your cards will never change, just pay attention.”

So you never lose money with gamble, play your position and pay for Pete’s sake – pay attention! I hope this was helpful, there are many more tips to be made for a better poker player, but the following three are the right way to start.

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